Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Part 1

Well Hurricane Ike is coming and everyone is dealing with it in different ways.

There are the 'Survivalists' who are stockpiling canned goods and water as if Ike is a combination of Y2K and a Nuclear strike.

The 'Party People' - I stood behind one of those at the store whose grocery cart was full of water and many many cases of beer.

The 'Cleopatra Brigade' who are competing to become the next 'Queen of Denial' - those folks aren't even removing their lawn art from the front yard. Personally I don't want to be hit by a low flying plastic flamingo.

The 'Sugar Fiends' - I don't understand this group at all but I witnessed this phenomenon when 'Dolly' came through so I know it's not a fluke. This group is preparing for the hurricane by purchasing donuts!!! I don't get it myself, but if you are addicted to sweet confectionery then this group is for you.

The 'Junk Food Junkies' - a friend of mine who works at McDonalds says someone came in and ordered 40 hot and spicy burgers and 40 cheese burgers this morning!!!

The 'Cautiously Optimistic' - this group is going about life as relatively normal, but making some preparations as they deem appropriate.

So what group do I fall into?

I'm a combination of 'Party People' and 'Cautiously Optimistic'. Though I do have moments of worry.

Last night was game night - normally we average 4 or 5 members. We had about 10 of us at the house last night. We played various games. People staying later than normal and celebrating because Ike has given us a day off.

Here's a picture of Greg, during a game of Coyote. We played a lot of different games last night - including the inevitable 'Rock Band' video game playing on the big screen tv upstairs.

This is actually my first ever Hurricane so I am a little apprehensive - I'm coping by cooking (as usual)Here's the stir fry. I made sure that there are leftovers that can be reheated on the gas stove if we lose electricity. It has been interesting watching the people in the grocery stores....they are bulk buying the craziest items and fighting over staples. I decided rather than fight my way through the crowd for an overpriced loaf of tasteless bread, I would bake.

Here's the Olive Oil Bread waiting to go in the oven. It's cooking as I type this, the smell in the kitchen is wonderful even as it gets slightly cloudy outside.

Oops the oven timer just beeped - so I stopped blogging to get the bread out of the oven. How's this for a loaf :)

No sign of the storm yet - the waiting is the worst.

More updates later!

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Anonymous said...

prayers..... update us ASAP as to you ALL being ok or needing anything....

Love your worried friends; Mija and Mingo!