Monday, September 15, 2008

From Desolation to Desolation

This morning I was packing my suitcase by flashlight (the closet still being dark due to the lack of electricity), taking a cold shower so that I did not over heat too much, and then driving to the airport seeing yet more signs of Ike destruction.

This evening I met up with Carol and Kate, ate some great Mexican food here in Tucson, and I'm now typing this outside on the balcony of the Redemptorist Renewal Center over looking the lights of Tucson in the middle of the desert!

From desolate destruction to desolate beauty in one day...

...oh and there was cake too.

I feel so lucky to be here - and yet my mind is still with the many of my friends in Houston without electricity. A small part of me feels that I have deserted them - though I know they wouldn't feel the same. I'm glad to get out the chaos of Houston, and part of me feels I should still be there.

Funny things, emotions.


maria said...

Hey, is that Carol Brorsen? How is she??

Pete the Brit said...

Carol is great and as crazily creative as ever :)