Thursday, August 13, 2009

You know a Gaming Convention is in town when... walk into a restaurant and all the tables are large groups of heavyset men all wearing graphic tee shirts in various shades of black.

... a woman turns up at the hotel free breakfast buffet wearing a kimono, kitten ears and a furry tail and she is carrying a samuri sword (possibly for slicing bagels?)

...conversation overheard on the street #1 "...and then in 1930 he exploded his doomsday device and destroyed all of downtown Chicago"

...conversation overheard on the street #2 "...and it's generally assumed that everyone with psychic abilities has telekinesis." the hotel check-in desk they have Jenga set up 'just to make you feel welcome'

...the man on the airport shuttle bus introduces himself and launches into a discussion on 'The Emergence of Game Mechanics as an aid to the Narrative'


Network Geek said...

My People!
Seriously, though I haven't gamed in years and years and years, I think of myself as an exile from the land of gamers. It would take all of about thirty seconds for me to completely slip into that world, comfortably, and blend in so well that no one would notice.
Think of it as a kind of intellectual tourism and enjoy the scenery.

Becca said...

LOL! And somewhere everyone is looking for their IT guy and no one knows where he is... ;)