Monday, August 10, 2009

The Bacon Explosion

There are some recipes that will always be around, roast chicken, omlettes etc. Then there are others that suddenly become trendy and then dissapear, I remember when every dessert I was served for about 6 months was Tiramasu!

There is a third catagory of recipes, ones that have become urban legends. You may have had them emailed to you, but you don't know many people who have actually made them......

...except me.

5 minute chocolate cake

Dishwasher Lasagna

The Burrito that should never be

and my latest forray into forbidden territory -

The Bacon Explosion (or as Greg named it, the Death Log)

I served the Bacon Explosion with some rather evil mashed potatoes heavily laden with cream and butter, and God saw that it was good - and my Nutritionist shuddered.

So, here is the creation of this wonder meal in all its glory, bon appetite!
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