Friday, August 07, 2009

Dona Eis Requiem!

(A page of Mozart's Requiem)

A Requiem is normally a prayer for eternal rest....mine has caused more work :)

I am ecstatic to announce that my Requiem will be performed by the Rice Chorale on 9/11 at 8pm in Stude Concert Hall at Rice University.

This is wonderful news, but has created some extra work. My Requiem has been performed as part of a worship service, however there is a difference between what 'works' in a worship service and what works in a concert hall. I am currently rewriting portions, changing some lyrics and rewriting some of the music. Sections that were performed by chorus are now becoming solos, and extra solos are being written too.

I am also adding other instruments into the mix. I am scoring the work for voices, Piano, Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon. This means instrumental parts have to be assigned, and in some cases new introductions and transitional music are being written.

Imagine taking a wonderful tiled picture, scrambling it up, adding some extra tiles, and recreating an embellished version of the original with a lot greater detail ~ that's what I'm doing, and as rehearsals start at the end of August I have a very tight deadline to get it done.

Throw in the fact that I am away some of next week at Gen Con and you shouldn't be surprised if my blog doesn't get updated as often as usual!

If you have a chance to make the performance, it would be wonderful to see you - it's free :)


Ginger said...

Awesome P-ta! Are you going to include a part for monks whose instruments are boards in conjunction with their foreheads? I would endure a screaming baby in a car for 4 hours to see that. ;)

Actually, I would love to come and see your requiem, with or without monks.. you are lovely!

Martha said...

Many congrats, Peter! Scramble on...we know the result will be musically delicious!

Memzie Latham said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting! I hope all goes well for you.