Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why is it....

...bell peppers are sold by quantity when most other vegetables are sold by weight? I don't want to pay the same for a small green pepper as I do for a large one!

...the blog post of mine that has had the most hits is my post about cooking Lasagna in the microwave?

...my cell phone only seems to ring when I put it down in the other room?

...Facebook, a site that has only existed for a few years, has suddenly taken over?

...I have a closet full of cookbooks and magazines and it's still a struggle to decide what to cook for dinner?

...the last song to be written in a project takes as long as all the other songs combined?

...grief seems to linger around for years?

...so much easier for me to gain weight than to lose weight? This is a serious design flaw I think.

...my driving skills are inversely related to the number of people in my car?

...my closest friends all live outside of Houston?

...some people seem to coast through life without any major problems or doubts? Don't they realize how much they irritate the rest of us?

...God can be so close to me one day, and then the next I feel like a functioning atheist?

...the amount of dishes after I cook a meal for two looks like I've cooked for twenty?

...I own 5 pairs of shoes and 200 boardgames?

...I have a drawer full of socks I never wear?
...the energy used complaining about and avoiding a task is usually far more than the energy expended completing the task?

...what started as a 2 question post has suddenly got a lot longer than anticipated?


Deidra said...

Seriously I have the same kitchen issue no matter how much I clean as I go there are always a ton of dishes at the end of the night.

maria said...

You are awesome. We miss you! (And ditto on that serious design flaw.)

Gregarius said...

As tempted as I was to answer all of your rhetorical questions, I will restrict myself to only one (I'll have to swallow my tears about your lack of friends in Houston).

Gaining weight is a design advantage, not flaw. By storing calories when there is plenty, you are better able to survive in times of want.

This same principle should be applied to other areas, perhaps. Get fat with happiness, so you have memories to sustain you in times of sorrow, perhaps.

Anyway, nice post.

Pete the Brit said...

Thanks Greg.

I get the thing about weight, it would have worked well when we were Hunter Gatherers, but now we have freezers I wish our metabolism would evolve!

I like your idea of applying the principle to other areas. I think the depth of our grief is in direct relation to the depth of our love.

...and please note I did say 'closest friends' LOL. You've not fallen into the 'Peter turning up on your doorstep at 4am as a total emotional wreck' catagory!

Fortunately I haven't done that to anyone in years :) Hooray for emotional health, and stability LOL

Violets are Blue said...

How is that you are still a genius without dr pepper & chocolate???

--another Houston friend

Becca said...

Ditto on the second to last one. I have to remind myself constantly to just do things... usually it's so much easier to take care of things right away.

I don't get the bell pepper thing either! And why are all vegetables starting to look like they were grown at Chernobyl? I'm sure a recipe that calls for "one onion" is not referring to one the size of my head.

Anonymous said...

do you not wear socks?! I'm off to Paul the Fruitman, I bet he sells peppers by weight!
Pablo UK

Pete the Brit said...

I only wear socks when I'm leading worship - apparently my sandals aren't holy enough LOL

Did Paul the fruitman sell his peppers by weight????

Anonymous said...

Well...it's the same here! Sold individually. How odd! Also, how odd you can't wear sandals to lead in!lol