Monday, March 30, 2009

Baking 1 - Apple Pie

I have written before about my struggle to make pastry in Houston. The high humidity means that pastry dough becomes very moist very quickly. It then becomes very difficult to roll out and manage.

Well Saturday dawned cold, crisp and dry - a rare combination in the humid location that is Houston. As soon as I sampled the outside air, I knew today was a good pie baking day.

Armed with a different recipe, this one from the meticulous precision that is America's Test Kitchen, I set out to do battle with pastry once more.

And this time I won!!!!!!!

The pastry rolled out like a dream, and the top of the pie didn't collapse when I draped it over the rolling pin and onto the overly filled pie.

Beneath that gleaming mound of golden flakiness was the most wonderful apple filling, resplendent with 2 different types of apples. One chosen for it's firmness and the other a softer apple to cook down and create a wonderful apple mushiness!

Add a scoop of ice cream and enjoy!

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steve said...

mmmm!! this was awesome pie my love!