Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stove Callibration

As you can tell from other posts, I like to cook. With any hobby it is important to check your equipment is functioning correctly. After some suspicious roast cooking times I decided to check out my oven - so I purchased an oven thermometer and a quick plea at work produced 2 more.

I set the oven at 400F and hit bake. The model of oven I have automatically preheats, so I waited the 9 1/2 minutes that the oven requested and then took temperatures.

Left Thermometer - 300F

Center Thermometer - 295F

Right Thermometer - 250F

Not good. I decided to wait another 10 minutes and check the temperatures again.

Left Thermometer - 370F

Center Thermometer - 370F

Right Thermometer - 325F

I waited another 10 minutes and the results were the same. It looks like something is definitely off with the thermostat, it could need a simple recalibration, but more tests are needed first :(

I'm going to test it again at 300F to see if the thermostat is off by:

a) 30F which would mean a simple reset is in order or

b) Off by a different amount, which would mean the oven may need to be replaced.

Results will be forthcoming!

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Memzie Latham said...

I hope all goes well. Don't burn yourself or set the house on fire. :)