Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th July Gaming

I spent the holiday as I spend most holidays - board gaming.

This time though a miracle occurred.

We had 10 people - not an unusual occurrence, we often have that many. The miracle was that we actually split into 2 groups instead of playing the limited number of games that can accommodate 10 people and that don't suck.
To commemorate this momentous happening I took a picture from our stairs (and yes there are still boxes to be unpacked)

This is the group I was in playing a very involved game of Starfarers of Catan. This is a game of space exploration, colonization and trade. It's quite involved but a lot of fun. We had to stop the game after 2 hours as two players had to leave though :(

This is the other group playing a game of mine called Masons. This is a game of wall and city building and area control - another fun one from my collection.

Other games included Time's Up - a light party game. Fjords - a two player area control game. Dragon Delta - a race across rickety bridges, and Vegas Showdown - a competition to build the best Hotel and Casino in Vegas.

It was a fun day, alcohol was imbibed, hotdogs were consumed, and I finally made a dip that tasted remarkably similar to the creamy jalapeno dip that serve at chuy's.


Memzie Latham said...

Great fun!!!

Becca said...

I need that recipe! That dip is so good! I'm jealous of your alcohol consumption and your pretty wood floors. You've come a long way from that box car of a back house in Lubbock!