Wednesday, July 16, 2008

California Gay Marriage - One Month on

Today marks the 1 month anniversary of California legalizing same sex marriage.

I'm disappointed.

Given the fervor of campaigning by protesters claiming that same sex marriage would cause 'the breakdown of society' and be 'the thin end of the wedge leading to moral turpitude' I would have expected to see some symptoms by now.

Riots in San Francisco.

Orgies on the streets of L.A.

San Diego reduced to ruins.

But I've seen nothing. Nothing to indicate 'the extreme moral rot' that is supposed to be taking place because of California's stand on this issue. I was hoping for some gripping television- shaky camera footage and life and death struggles, instead I've been reduced to watching reruns of old reality t.v. shows! If society is breaking down I would have expected to have seen something in the media, or at least had an inbox full of spurious emails decrying California's moral bankruptcy.

I've received nothing - except for one joke about a man trying to marry his brother for tax purposes that wasn't even funny. (I'm actually surprised I haven't received an email suggesting that the current fires in CA are God's judgement on gay marriage. Maybe it's just God's judgement on dry timber and careless use of matches?)

What have I seen?

A picture of George Takei with his Partner Brad Altman with their certificate of marriage. They can now legally wed after having been together over 21 years.

Apparently the 2 people in this picture are a threat to American society.

I don't see it.

How many times has Pamela Anderson been married in 21 years? Surely her actions are more of a 'threat to the sanctity of marriage' than George and Brads?

Shouldn't a 21 year commitment be celebrated rather than vilified?

Well it's not quite midnight yet, there is still time for the West Coast to sink into the sea, drowning 'the moral corruption of our once bright nation.'

Somehow I don't think I'll stay up late to catch the midnight news.


Network Geek said...

Well, based on my experience with California, it would be orgies in the streets in San Francisco and riots in L.A., but, really is there anything left, morally, in California to rot? Really?

It will be interesting to see if anyone challenges this, legally. So far, much to my surprise, it doesn't seem like anyone has. What will also be interesting is how other states deal with this when people start getting married there and then going back to places like Arkansas and, well, Texas.

Pete the Brit said...

I never saw riots on the streets in L.A. or orgies on the streets of San Francisco (maybe I should have turned right instead of left at that intersection?).

I really haven't heard of much happening in S.F. than is any more depraved than New Orleans at Mardis Gras.

And I don't think California is really any worse than anywhere else. We just hide it better :)

Becca said...

Interesting and right on points.

In my opinion (and don't tell my GOP parents), creating legislation based on any group's (even the majority) religious/moral beliefs and not basic human rights, is a recipe for trouble. I'm thinking of Iran as an extreme example. If the majority (or those special interest groups with the most money) in the US suddenly believed (as they once did not too long ago!) that women should not be allowed to vote, or work, or own property would we create laws of that nature? So why are there laws governing whom can love whom based on one group's particular religious beliefs?

And as you pointed out, many non-traditional couples stand as a much better example of love, commitment, and family values than some hetero couples.

Steve said...

What remains wonderfully true is that many gay couples continue to form and endure and prosper despite all of the odds stacked against them, despite the lack of financial and legal security, despite (diminishing) social disapproval, despite religious persecution, etc. In other words, love, as usual, conquers all. Thank God!