Saturday, June 07, 2008

So you want to be President??? Bite Me!!!!!!!!

I was in a different Kroger than usual buying food for yet another Pork Loin Roast for tomorrow and a yummy sausage casserole (a packet mix that is produced in my hometown).

I was wandering past the bakery section when I spied a cookie so scary that I had to take a photograph.'American Hero - John McCain'. On prominent display nestled in the folds of Old Glory. Well I was curious to see whether Kroger practiced Partisan Politics, after all I do live deep in the heart of George Bush Country, in fact his dad's favorite Pizza Place is just round the corner from where I work.

Well after a bit of snooping I discovered this:It was tucked round the other side of the display in a very low traffic area, I had to hunt to find it. Note the lack of U.S. flag anywhere around him.

I did not grow up very political, I would say the average person in the U.K. esp. of my generation is not as vehement about Party Politics as the equivalent age group here in the U.S. It surprised me when I first moved to Lubbock a) How political the students were and b) How Conservative Christianity and the Republican Party seemed very closely aligned. The second point esp. surprised me because most of the Conservative Christians I know in the U.K. are very anti Bush and his policies (then again so are many Republicans I know).

Growing up in the U.K. I definitely never saw Margaret Thatcher's face on a giant cookie and even if it was, anyone who purchased it would mercilessly ridiculed.

There seems to be very English trait that we don't get overly earnest or zealous about anything. We may care deeply and passionately about many things, but it is all communicated with reserve - unless we've been drinking at soccer games of course!

But back to the cookies. I almost considered doing a quick swap of Barack and John to see if anyone would notice and complain, but I needed to hunt down the parsnips so I let them be.

One thought did cross my mind though, 'I wonder what flavor they both are?'


Ginger said...

The cookies are hilarious!
So, do you eat the candidate you like or do you buy the other one so that you completely consume the opponent and preserve your candidate's face for the campaign? Is there a symbolism I'm missing?

As for the political stuff.. I think it has only been recently that Americans have been really gung ho on issues (as opposed to being star-struk by the candidates). I think this has come about out of necessity... survival?
Anyway, I am actually terrified by the religiosity of politics, esp. that of the right wing conservative Christian. Fortunately, it appears that some of that movement is relaxing.. or I have to move.. or buy a cookie..(?)

MyUtopia said...

Okay, now I am hungry. Why would someone buy a political cookie?