Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Entering the Unknown

There comes a moment
when there arises in your soul
a movement that you are
at a loss to describe.

It moves you to desire
you know not what,
only that is is beyond your imagining.

It is God at work within you.

Frequent readers of my blog will have noticed a strong theme in some of my 'God Thoughts' lately.
The theme is one of Unknowing/Uncertainty.

A great Medival Treatise on Unknowing/Uncertainty is called 'The Cloud of Unknowing' (See quote above).

Problem is it is a dense text in medival english - not exactly light bedtime reading.
Prompted by a friend I have picked up a copy of 'There is a God, There is No God' . I should be reading my required books for my course this Fall, but there is something about this book that has captured me. I only read a couple of pages last night but I loved the following quote:

"There comes a moment when attention must be paid. A time to look, to listen, to stop running, a time to choose, a time to act, a time to forsake my safety zones, a time for letting down my defenses.

A time for letting go.

A time to surrender my need to know, to understand.

A time to embrace mystery as my native land.

And silence as my native tongue."

(Did you spot the reference to 'Death of a Salesman'?)

As someone who has grown up in a belief system of Fundamental Certainty, the idea of mystery and silence is wonderful and scary - and yet it is is mystery that opens us up to God's grace.

If I say with certainty 'I am right, you are wrong' then there is no space for grace between us. But if we both acknowledge 'I could be wrong and you could be right' then there is space for grace, space for dialogue, space for wonder, and space for mystery.

I'm hoping that my journey into the book will be a journey into Grace.

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