Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alien Life Forms in the Kitchen?

Well not quite, but the picture does look a little weird.

Two weeks ago I blogged about cooking Pork Loin. I had some friends over Sunday night, and as pork loin is on special offer right now I decided to cook another one. The only problem was I didn't have enough butchers twine.

For some reason reason butchers twine is difficult to obtain. I've tried buying it in my local Krogers before and had no luck. In the end I asked in the meat department and somebody felt sorry for me and gave me some for free. The only place I know to purchase it in Houston is at speciality cook shops. Is no one cooking roasts any more? Why such a decline in demand???

So I'm in Sur La Table on Saturday buying a smaller roasting rack (as my current one is turkey sized) and I'm planning to pick up some butchers twine too.
Well next to the twine was these wonderful reusable silicone clippy things. They come in a mesh bag so when you've used them you can run them through the dish washer. They actually work well and it was a lot quicker slipping them on the roast than all that fiddly knot tying!

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