Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Great Performance...but

I felt really good about today's show.

I got all my lines, not a single error - this is the first time I've managed that.

There was only one draw back. We'd been turning people away because we were sold out, but 11 people who had reservations didn't show. We only sit 55 people a performance so that's about 20% of the audience missing.

Today was a matinee performance, and the audiences at matinees tend to be older and slightly sleepier - I think it's because the show takes place at a time when they normally have an afternoon nap :)

Lines that normally caused a lot of mirth and merriment were greeted with silence. Scenes that usually were met with guffaws were welcomed with only the mildest chuckle. It's so strange how an audience can affect a show.

All of the performers were coming back stage commenting on how 'dead' the audience felt.

Oh well, I did a great job today, hopefully I can repeat it when their are more people there to watch :)

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Memzie Latham said...

Matinees are hard. I am sorry. Having great performances seem to always happen at the wrong time.