Thursday, June 26, 2008

Banned Heinz Comercial

This commercial was originally aired in the U.K. but Heinz pulled it after 200 people complained in one week. The population of the U.K. is 60,776,238 so this is a tiny tiny small I can't even do the math :)

What do you think? Should it have been canceled?

I think the commercial is hinting that the Mayo is so good that it's transformed Mum from a British housewife into a NY Deli chef. No gay couple with kids that I know uses the term 'Mum' with their children. Normally it's something like 'Dad' and 'Papa' to distinguish between them.

If the writers did intend the couple to be a same sex relationship then bear in mind that according to research published in the Guardian (A British newspaper) 3.6 million Britons are gay (approximately 6%). Do they have a right to be represented in advertising?

One other interesting fact. One of the most common comments is that parent's don't want their children's seeing this, because they don't want to have to explain gay relationships to their children. Fair enough - parent's are allowed to choose how to parent their children. But bear in mind one thing - U.K. Commercial rules mean that this commercial cannot be shown on t.v. during children's television because the mayonaisse contains high quantites of fat and sugar, no commercials like that can air at a time when children are watching t.v.

Therefore if a child does see this commercial it is because the parent is letting them watch 'adult' t.v. The parents object to their children watching 2 men kiss in a comic situation but they'll happily let them watch adult t.v. That seems rather hypocritical to me, esp. given some of the things they happily show on U.K. television!

Is it just a clever marketing ploy? There is a lot of talk on t.v. and on the Internet....was this whole thing a clever scheme?

What is the christian response to this? The church is divided about whether homosexuality is a sin. Whatever your view on that topic, there are countless verses in scripture calling the church to 'Defend the rights of the orphan, alien and the widow in your midst'. See Deuteronomy 10:17-19 for example.

Could a case be made equating the 'alien' to the gay population? Do 'Aliens' in scripture have different world views and belief systems? Is there a parallel here? What is the biblical definition of an 'Alien'? (Google brings up some scary websites in response to that question!!!)

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