Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wikihow strikes again

I don't know if you've come across wikihow yet, it's a kind of 'How To' manual that anyone can edit.

Today I ran across 'How to cook Lasagne in a Dishwasher'

Absolutely terrifying, but if we have another stormy day I just might try it.....I do weird things on stormy days, for the last one read here.


Jack said...

Lasagne in the dishwasher is one of the scarier ideas I've seen on wikiHow. And I should know since I'm the founder at wikiHow.

If you get up the courage to try this, please take step by step photos and add them to wikiHow when you are done. It will be helpful for future readers...and if you enjoy the meal we might even feature the article on our homepage.

Thanks for blogging about wikiHow.

Pete the Brit said...


The founder of wikiHow has visited the Warp and the Weft - I feel deeply honored.

It's a sign, now I MUST make the Lasagne :)

Rima said...

As a busy mom, the idea of cleaning dishes while cooking dinner rather than making more dishes to clean is very appealing.

OK Peter - I am game! If you make it this weekend so will I. We can compare results!

Pete the Brit said...

Unfortunately I am out of town this weekend :( But I will try it sometime!!!!!