Monday, October 01, 2007

Boys and Fugues!

Every Sunday as part of my job I teach the 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys choir. It's always a challenge - esp. trying to keep them focused. A large amount of energy goes into 'Pranking the girls choir'.

Well last night we covered car that belonged to the Director of the Girls Choir with Post-it Notes.
This is them going Post-it crazy!
Fun times!!!!

I sort of enjoy Boys Choir, but it is really draining to try and get them focused on singing when all they want to do is 'Prank'.

So, on to other news. I'm editing my 'Tenebrae' at the moment with the hopes that I can get it performed on Good Friday. My setting uses mainly the words of Jesus from the Cross interspersed with modern responses.

At the moment I am creating a new response to "I Am Thirsty". This will be in the form of a Fugue. Wanna know what a fugue is? Here is a handy guide (using music by Britney Spears!)

That's a three voice Fugue....mine has four parts :( So here's a hint on how to write a four part one!


Deidra said...

What a great prank this is why I love boys they are adventurous and fun. Someday you can teach Zack to sing because something tells me Cliff and I just aren't going to cut it.
Love Ya

Ginger said...

Hi P-ta,
This is really funny! I especially dig the Great Sticky-Note-Incident of 2007.

Good luck on your fugue! I'm sure it is gorgeous!