Wednesday, October 24, 2007

O.K. so it took me a while!!!

Started Stitching: Feb 1992
Finished Stitching: Dec 1997
Sat finished in Plastic Bag: 10 years!!!!
Time to frame it: 2 weeks!

Man this travelled across the world with me - I can even remember stitching whilst on a motor boat on the river!!!!!! Never again will I attempt one of these, they look kewl, but they are a pain.


Deidra said...

You crack me up. That sounds like something I would do. At least you can say you finished.

Annie said...

Congrats Peter on finally getting it framed and mounted!! Its worth it in the end, its a nice piece. I started the same one shortly after I saw yours in 1992, can't believe its been on mum and dad's hall wall for 15 years !!!!
Ann x

Annie said...
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