Monday, October 22, 2007

I don't Like Mondays!!!

We had a cold front come through this morning. As I was driving to work we experienced sudden intermittent rain showers. It would be dry one moment and then the next it would be torrential rain for a few moments and then back to dry again.

I was driving to work this morning and as I braked for a stop sign I started to skid and I slid into the Escalade SUV that was in front of me :(

They hardly received a scratch, but my car was not so lucky.

They didn't know what to do as they had never been in a wreck before so they called the police. No one was hurt or injured - though I do have a little neck stiffness as I type this.

I got issued a citation for 'Failure to Control Speed/Accident'. Trouble is I wasn't speeding - it was the sudden slickness of the road.

So now I am in a rental car, faced with having to pay my deductible and go to court in November.

The policeman was very polite and actually apologised as he gave me the citation because he works off duty here at the church doing security for Mercy Street!!!

It's not a good Monday!!!!!


wchain said...

Dude, I'm glad youre ok! Holler if you need anything!!

Steve said...

The car is a bit crumpled and I'm mighty mighty mighty relieved you're not!

Deidra said...


cliff said...

Well, I'm glad to hear you aren't hurt much.

But it was about time for another grey car right? Right?!

I recommend a big truck. A chevy silverado hybrid if you're worried about mileage.

Then you won't have to worry about being the hitter or the hittee.

Give me a call on what you might want. Seriously & I really am glad you're not too hurt!


Network Geek said...

I feel your pain, Peter.
Somedays, the one thing I feel like I have on my side is that my car is running well. Often, I feel that way on a Monday. Hope it doesn't get too expensive for you.

Robert said...

I think we should start a "Save The Brit" campaign and raise some money.
As a foreign dignitary you should not be subject to same laws, except maybe for Gravity and Thermo-Dynamics :-)

Rima said...

Just now catching up on my blog reading...What an absolute drag for the car - and what a joy that you are well-ish. Be gentle to yourself this week. XOXO