Sunday, October 14, 2007

Omlette Art

As most of you know I love to cook, and I do a fairly good job, but there has always been a couple of items that defeat me. One of them is Omelets. For some reason I nearly always seem to have trouble and I have to pretend that I was really intending to cook scrambled eggs with bits in!

Now one of my former roommates Cliff was not a cook - he was a great mechanic and an awesome guy, but he wouldn't really call himself a Chef.

Except for omelets.

You see he spent one summer working at a camp and every morning he worked on the Omelet Bar making orders for the campers. So Cliff could make omelets.

And Cliff (seeing as I know you will read this when your wife tells you that you are mentioned), I have a confession to make. I was jealous!

You didn't make omelets often, but when you did you had your precise way of doing it and they almost always turned out light and fluffy and cooked to perfection - not like my scrambled watery messes.

So I've been practicing - I bought a new skillet and I've been studying what Cooks Illustrated and all my other reference tomes say about the Omelet art. I think I was inspired by reading "Julie and Julia". Reading about Julie's troubles with omelets made me more willing to have another go.

And today I finally cooked one I was proud of! Stuffed with onion, chicken, avocado, tomato, garlic and cheese. It was a real yummy treat to consume whilst watching The Sopranos
(And I needed it to watch it after Chris got 'Whacked' at 11:30 last night!!!!!)

So I posted a pic for y'all to salivate over.



Deidra said...

Peter how you know us Mitchells so well is a mystery to me. Before I even made it to the part about me telling Cliff I already had. Weird. Anyways your omlet looks great and if I liked omlets I am sure it would taste great as well.

Network Geek said...

Peter, God bless you, you're the only person I know that would need to sharpen a knife before making an omlette.
I have to confess, though, that I, too, have problems with them. Though, somewhere I actually have an omlette pan that's split in two halves with a hinge. I should find that and practice.

cliff said...

Don't be jealous Peter! It just takes practice. If you would've told me then you wanted me to teach you I totally would've!

Although, it looks like you got it figured out there. Makes me want to go stir one up.

Also, I can cook....

I just don't like to.

Just ask Deidra.


Ginger said...

I AM salivating! Pretty!