Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Listen to my Requiem!

Just follow the links! (I think you have to be in Internet Explorer to make this work)

Introit and Kyrie

Dies Irae

Pie Jesu




Agnus Dei

Libera Me

In Paradisum & Benediction


Peter DiCesare said...

All I can say is had I been in the same city as the concert, I would have gone a million times, jumped on staged and joined them! Amazing, sensitive, honest music that achieves something beyond words or emotion.

Gill T said...

Wow, Pete. what an amazing journey your music has made since the Oasis Team & Battersea days. So wonderfully inspiring

Jaime said...

Still beautiful, Peter. I'm sorry I didn't make it out to hear it live - glad it's available here. I'm honored to have been able to sing an earlier incarnation - wish I could have done this one as well.