Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Games Played and Weight Update

There really is no weight update - I haven't been losing because I haven't been exercising. I'm in a holding pattern right now. I keep meaning to get back into it, but I'm too good at finding excuses.

So on to the games!

With going to Gen Con this past month it was a good time for games. I totalled up 48 plays of 34 different games.

So what were the highlights?

The Hanging Gardens - a game I tried at the convention that has seen a lot of plays since. It's easy to teach, has some interesting decisions, and plays in under 45 mins so it is a good filler.

Dice Town - this was a game that I wanted to demo to see if I would buy. I enjoyed it enough to purchase it. It's a poker dice rolling fun fest. There's not a lot you can do to mess with other players, but the delicious joy of rolling 3 aces on your final turn to shut another player out, is wondrously palpable :)

Livingstone - exploring the jungle on the way to Victoria Falls. A clever dice mechanism coupled with a push your luck precious gem mine and creative scoring made this a must by.

Tales of the Arabian Nights - do you remember the 'Choose Your Own Adventure Books'? This is like one of those gone crazy. At every encounter you have about 8 different choices to decide between that all lead you somewhere different. It is a game, in that you do have a winner, but it's more about the fun tales that develop as you travel around the board. It goes to 6 people, but I think it would be too slow with a group that large. We played with 3 and it was perfect. It's a great rainy day game, and not nearly as complex as it appears at first glance.

Looking at my stats for the year so far, we have a clear winner with 21 plays:

Dominion - we picked up the expansion for this game this month, so I don't anticipate it being knocked away from winning position this year...unless something really incredible comes along!

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