Monday, June 01, 2009

June Weight Update (plus some boardgames)

Well it's the first of the month and I've made my target again.

I've now lost 25lbs woohoo!

I went shopping this weekend and bought some new shorts and pants, the waist line was 4 inches smaller than the ones I was wearing at Christmas - that felt good. Now I don't have to cinch my belt extra tight or risk my shorts sliding down over my hips and descending to my ankles!

My weight had a lot more variance this month. Around day 15 it looked like I was going to lost 10lbs this month, and then my metabolism decided to change and even breathing in was adding poundage. Consequently this past week I was wondering if I was going to make my target at all.

I also discovered the depressing truth that if you go for a week without exercising (like I did this month when I got sick) it means that when you restart you have to drop a few levels. It was rather depressing to discover that just after one week the workout that I could just about make it through was suddenly a struggle for me.

As the months have gone on the 5 pounds have got steadily more difficult to lose, but the amount of weight lost has become more gratifying. I seem to get more joy over 1 pound now than I did over 5 pounds in January. I think it's because it's taking more effort.

Here's hoping my metabolism decides to go on a 'fat feast' and I'm suddenly skinny! That would be a great birthday present this month.

Onto the games!

May was a great month for games, with 21 different games played for a total of 31 games altogether, that is a new record for one month!

Top of the list was Duck Duck Go! and Go.
Duck Duck Go! Is a newcomer which is why it got played so many times, I foresee it dropping in the ratings. It's a game of racing rubber ducks around a bath tub, it looks fun and it's easy to play, but I'm not sure of its sticking power.
I continue my efforts to master 'Go'. I'm slowly beginning to see the bigger picture of the struggle for space on the board and not get so bogged down in individual battles - I have a couple of books to read to help me with strategy.
Top of my list with a total of 7 plays this year is still Dominion. It's an excellent game with lots of replay value!
I also had the fun of introducing a whole new group of people to the delights of playing Werewolf. It's always a great feeling getting to facilitate lies and deception :)


Becca said...

Hurray for weight loss! You are doing GREAT!

Deidra said...

Are you still doing work outs with Bob or Jillian I can't remember which? Glad to hear it is going well for you.