Saturday, June 20, 2009

Together in Electric Dreams

One of my favorite movies from the 80s was Electric Dreams. It's the familiar love story:

  • Man buys computer,
  • Man accidentally pours champagne in the computer transforming it into artifical intelligence
  • Computer falls in love with the cello playing blond upstairs.
  • Man falls in love with woman too.
  • Chaos ensues
  • Computer commits suicide and writes a hit love song!

It's a plot we've seen numerous times :)

For years this movie has been unavailable on DVD, it has an awesome soundtrack that was recorded before the rights for the music were included in the soundtrack contract. It has just been released on DVD in the U.K. so hopefully a U.S. release isn't far behind - or I'll just purchase it the next time I'm in England.

Here's the scene where Edgar (the computer) first here's Madeline playing Cello and decides to take a break from working on his earthquake proof brick (don't ask), and play along.

And here's the touching end to the movie...probably the cheesiest computer death scene ever filmed - and with a twist, Edgar takes over all the Media in the U.S. to broadcast his final love song to Madeline.

They don't make movies like this anymore!

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