Thursday, September 20, 2007

Real Mercy Streeters of Genius No.2

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Well here is part two, it needs a little explanation to help it make sense though.

Every week at Mercy Street we have a section in the service called 'Celebrations'. During this time members of the Community can share about Sobriety Birthdays and 'Belly-button' birthdays. This time occasionally gets out of hand. Sobriety birthdays are normally celebrated on 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, one year, multiples of a year. However people seem to like getting applauded so often they will stand up and say things like 'In 3 weeks I will have 1 Year'. Now that is an awesome achievement, and if everyone celebrated like that we would have no time for the rest of the service! We've also had celebrations about bowling scores, baseball games and prayer requests of requests for sponsors disguised as a celebration.

Ultimately although this video is fun, we decided not to show it at Mercy Street. We didn't want anyone to feel that they couldn't share something. The intent in the video was just to laugh at ourselves, but not in a way that would be mocking or embarrassing.

Because we decided not to air this one, you'll notice it still needs a final edit because of one glitch in it. Hopefully it won't spoil your viewing pleasure :)

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Nancy said...

Oh Peter - I WISH they had played this! TAKE THE MIKES AWAY - and then those who have something to REALLY celebrate - will celebrate.

This is not 'So You Want to Be A Star' - this is so funny because we were just talking about this very subject this past weekend. Celebrations last Saturday took 21 minutes! OUCH!