Tuesday, September 11, 2007

'Just One Person'

For some reason this rather sappy song makes me weepy and thoughtful. There is something about its simple honesty and hopefulness that for me shines through even though its a cheesy song sung be puppets!

Ultimately I guess I just like the message and the melody and the words fit together in a well crafted way.

Two things to help put the song in context.

1) This clip is taken from the Muppet Show Tribute to Jim Henson (creator of the muppets and the voice of Kermit). Fozzie has been put in charge of organizing the tribute but the Muppets don't really know much about Jim Henson until they begin to read some of the actual letters sent in by fans. The point where Kermit enters is the first time you see him in the show and the first time he is voiced by Jim Henson's successor.

2) The song itself is originally from the musical 'Snoopy'. It's the big closer at the end of the show

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