Friday, April 03, 2009

More Apple Pie

After the success of my apple pie last weekend, I decided that I'd make another one. I enjoyed the pastry work, but the apple peeling was rather tedious. A friend told me about an apple peeler she had that worked wonders, so I went off to Sur La Table to purchase one :)

When I unpacked it, I found myself staring at something that would be at home in a medieval torture chamber. What with blades, spikes and springs, it looks rather 'Heath Robinson'

...and yet it works quite well.

Here is me getting ready to peel an apple (note the screwdriver in the picture for fine tuning the device)

Here I am mid peel.


The device not only peels the apple, but it also cores it and cuts one long spiral through it, so all it takes is one cut with a knife and you have perfect pieces for apple pie.

As you can see it isn't perfect, it did leave some peel on - I imagine making a perfect apple peeler would be quite a challenge, but all it took was a little knife work and my apples were ready.

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Deidra said...

Aw we had one of these growing up I forgot about them I think I am going to go get one too.