Saturday, April 11, 2009

When Traditions Collide!

"Hot cross buns,
One a penny buns,
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot cross buns."

In the U.K. it is traditional to make and serve these on Good Friday, unfortunately I didn't have time what with marking out a Prayer Labyrinth with masking tape and candles in the morning, and singing solo in the Tenebrae in the evening.

So, I made up a batch of these from a different recipe to the one I usually use. I wasn't that impressed to be honest. I couldn't really taste much of the fruit, the mix was heavier than I anticipated and the crosses piped on the top were almost invisible under the apricot glaze.

Wikipedia reports the following -
English folklore includes many superstitions surrounding hot cross buns. One of them says that buns baked and served on Easter Sunday will not spoil or become mouldy during the subsequent year. Another encourages keeping such a bun for medicinal purposes. A piece of it given to someone who is ill is said to help them recover.

Sharing a hot cross bun with another is supposed to ensure friendship throughout the coming year, particularly if "Half for you and half for me, Between us two shall goodwill be" is said at the time. Because of the cross on the buns, some say they should be kissed before being eaten. If taken on a sea voyage, hot cross buns are said to protect against shipwreck. If hung in the kitchen, they are said to protect against fires and ensure that all breads turn out perfectly. The hanging bun is replaced each year.
I don't think I'm going to be hanging any up in my kitchen however.

I also baked Challah - Jewish Sabbath bread

The plan is for us to use this for Communion at the Contemplative Service tomorrow. Normally we use unleavened bread, but as we are celebrating the Resurrection, it seems fitting to use a bread that has 'risen'.

I'll let you know how it tastes.

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Steve said...

Since I've tasted tastes like unsweetened coffee cake. :) Since you brought the unused bread home, I decided to try some with my coffee -- makes for a nice morning treat.