Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quarters on the Butt?

I mentioned in previous posts here and here that I'm trying to lose weight - all inspired by the rather sad New Years pic here. Well I decided to take things to another level this weekend.

I've been doing Dance Dance Revolution since January, I sort of enjoy it for some reason, it reminds me a little of learning choreography for theater productions - musical productions numbers consisted of nothing more than angry stomping of course!
I was attempting to do about 60 minutes about 4 to 5 times a week, which was just about doable with my schedule. It helped me lose my target weight in January, but I am aware that I need something that is more of a cardio workout than just stomping!

I was in Borders on Friday, wandering through the DVDs and something caught my eye.

I'm actually rather in shock that I bought this, I was reading an 'expose' of The Biggest Loser in Entertainment Weekly, talking about some of the tricks that contestant use to lose as much weight as possible before each weigh in (I don't think I could eat that much Asparagus). The workout DVD interested me though. You have a 5 minute warm up, three different levels of cardio workout, and then 5 minutes of yoga to cool down.

Three levels, I can do that!!!


The first time I attempted the warm up I was sweating more copiously than a cop running for a donut shop! I finished the cardio only by watching every minute click by on the DVD player and cursing the name of Bob. As for the yoga? Ha!!! I had the balance of a drunk after an all night binge.

The next day I was hurting so much that I knew it had to do some good.

I'm looking forward to the time when I know the routine so well that I can turn 'Bob the Trainer' off and just do the moves. He's so encouraging I just wanna punch him at times.

One comment on the DVD has me confused though. Why is it a goal to be able to 'bounce quarters off your butt?' Who was the person who first decided that the mark of a well formed buttock was determined by it's ability to ricochet coins from the mint?

Personally, I kind of like having a little padding. If I get so fit that I carry my own monetary deflection shield with me isn't it going to make sitting on hard surfaces a lot more painful? Will it affect my ability to sit comfortably in a pew during the sermon?

I don't see how having this 'Quarter Trampoline' will impact my professional life. I work at a church, I don't see how having this skill listed on my resume will increase my ability in the workplace. I'm not planing on deflecting coinage into the Offering Plate during the choir anthem!

And why a Quarter? Can I start with a penny and work my way up?
Come to think of it, I really don't need the answers to these quesitons, but it's something to think about while I'm cursing 'Bob the Trainer' and sweating out lunch!

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cliff said...

Hey you should watch biggest looser on Tuesday nights it is really encouraging. I love Bob Juliann she is the best. I am a total addict. See you soon.
Love Ya