Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weight Loss

I mentioned back in January that my goal for this year was to lose weight. I've set myself a target of losing 5lbs a month. I know that faster weight loss is possible, but this is the goal I used last time and it worked well for me.

Well it's Feb 1st and I'm glad to say I've lost 6lbs. I was actually on target to lose more, but I caught the flu that has been going around the office so I had no energy to exercise.

Let's see if I can maintain it in February

One product that I'm sure would help me lose weight is the following:

That's enough to put everyone off their food :)


Deidra said...

OMG that is so disgusting. I have friends that use cloth diapers. Cant wait to share this.

Diana Latham said...

Congratulations, Peter....keep going!!! I am still plugging along with my weight loss.....I know, slower is better! Hoping for 5 more pounds for you this much easier for you guys!!!!