Saturday, November 08, 2008

Becoming Imelda Marcos?

Imelda Marcos left behind 2,700 pairs of shoes when she fled the Philippines in exile.

Today I did the unthinkable.

I bought 3 pairs of shoes in the course of 1 hour.

If you've been around me you will know that I live in my Tevas. I wear close toed shoes for about 5 hours a week (when I lead worship on Sundays) and for the rest of the time I am either a) at home barefoot or b) in Tevas. This constant wear has taken its toll and the soles of my current pair are a mass of holes and rubber flaps.

I leave tomorrow for Tucson, so I reluctantly decided some shoe shopping was in order.

I went to REI and discovered that Tevas had gone up in price - you think I'd realize that as the last time I went shoe shopping was 3 years ago. Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen - 3 years with only owning 2 pairs of shoes.

I should add a caveat here that I do own i) a pair of black lace up boots I use for snowy weather (not much use in Houston), ii) a pair of close-toed sandals that I use when out biking (a rarity) and iii) a pair of black jazz dance shoes (just for rehearsals). All of them are worn very occasionally and with the exception of the dance shoes are all over 3 years old - but I digress.

I left REI without the said Tevas though I did buy some Flip Flops for wear around the house to stop the soles of my feet and the cushions of the couch from turning black.

I visited a couple of stores with no avail and then I decided on a whim to go into DSW.

I had never encountered the phenomenon of DSW before, row upon row of discounted shoes of all types and descriptions. This must be Imelda Marcus Heaven!

I quickly found some Clarks sandals and was ready to leave.

I do not know what draw me over to the Men's discount shoe section. Destiny? The Holy Spirit? Karma? After all I already had bought 2 pairs of shoes, I didn't need any more.

And there they were....gleaming like the Holy Grail.

My size, my style, my color and 50% off.


When I lived in Lubbock I first encountered the bliss that is Birkenstocks. I bought a pair and wore them into rubble. I never replaced them because they were a marvelous expensive luxury for me. I replaced Birkenstocks with the cheaper comfort of Tevas. I abandoned them, but they remained faithful.

I swear I heard the swelling of strings and the brush of angel's wings as I lifted them from their box and slid my feet into them. As I paced the shop floor clad in them the emotions of first love came flooding back to me. I examined them in disbelief. How could anyone walk past Birkenstocks at 50% off? There was nothing wrong with them, no scratch or blemish that declared them unfit for human usage.

I was in love once again.

Three pairs of shoes in one day?

This is big. This is very big!!!


Violets are Blue said...

my heart is going pitter-patter...

Memzie Latham said...

Have fun in Tucson!!!