Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BoardGameGeek Convention Day 4

For day 3 click here, day 2 here and day 1 here.

The last day of the Con (teardrop whimper deep sigh!)

Quotes of the Day

"Ugly Kittys need love too"
"The Rabbit is not a cat"
"You can do it with three!"

Games played:

Pick and Pack - A very enjoyable and unique two player game. The designer Simon taught this too me, and I won (though whether he let me remains to be seen LOL) I bought this game the day before on somebody else's reccomendation, but it was nice to be taught it rather than have to read the rules!

Felix - A repeat play of this game! This time I taught it. Lots of fun, but this time I lost badly!

Lumberjack - The game looks impressive to passers by, but the actual game play is not that great.

Race for the Galaxy - This was one of the three 'hot' games at the Convention. The other two being Galaxy Trucker and Agricola. It was o.k. It plays as a more complex San Juan. I felt out of my depth most of the game and didn't really pay attention what anyone else was doing and yet somehow I tied for 2nd place!!!

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