Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging Dearth

I have lots of great ideas for blogging.

Creative pictures too.

Trouble is, Advent and Christmas are fast approaching like a lumbering behemoth trampling everything in their path.

And I'm not ready to tame that beast.....the Cages are not finished yet-

I still have service outlines to fill in
Advent liturgies to compose
Soloists to find
Conflicts to avoid

Consequently something has fallen by the wayside. And as I don't have Internet at my apartment and I don't want to be blogging in my office at midnight, ideas for posts have been jettisoned. Pictures have been deleted. Tasks have been left undone.

Trapping and Killing the beast of Advent feels like all I have time for.

Call me Ahab


Network Geek said...

That be not a holiday, that be a white demon!
Hmm, doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Just take it one crisis at a time and you'll be fine.

Mark said...

'Tis the Season.

And feels like it too.

Gad, it was warmer in South Dakota (by a degree or two).

Glad to be back and i was thinking of you last night (actually I was thinking of you on Turkey Day but too daft to ring -- I'm a terrible friend *hangs head in shame*) and hope you're doing well.

Mark said...

...oh, and anytime you need a drinky-poo to deal with the beastie, stop by. We can help :)

Rima Bonario said...

I am finding myself truly grateful that I am no longer in the church business!