Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Cooking - Roti Parata!

A couple of weekends ago I went to a wonderful evening of Curry hosted by Doug and Veejay. Veejay's sister was in town from Canada where she owns an award winning Curry House. Her cooking was incredible and as part of the evening she taught us how to make Roti Parata. (I've also seen it spelled Prata or Pratatha)

I'm not going to post the dough recipe as she shared the one she uses which has some slight differences to the ones available online. Let's just say it tastes really good!

So here's what I cooked for Brunch today :)

I don't have any pics of the cooked version as I ate it rather quickly.

Whilst researching videos of Parata throwing on YouTube (yes, I need a life) I came across this rather yummy breakfast version.

Here's a finished Cheese and Egg Roti Parata cooking in the pan


Anonymous said...

I am impressed. Wow, great job. Now when I visit Houston again you can make me Paratas!!!


Pete the Brit said...

Wow! Thanks were a great teacher!