Friday, January 16, 2009

A Trinity of Randomness

Random 1

So, I said in my first blog post of the year that I was going to be working on my weight. My goal is to lose five pounds a month. I know that I could lose more, but it seemed like a realistic target for me. So far I've lost 4 pounds and January isn't over yet :)

I've been doing three things to lose weight so far:

1) Cooking and eating more healthily - this isn't too difficult as of course I leave to cook. The trouble is most serving sizes in diet cookbooks and magazines are ridiculous. I made a yummy pasta chili dish tonight and the recommended portion size was 1 cup. I can't just eat one cup of food and then push my plate away because I can't eat another bite - not realistic people!

2) Cutting down my Dr. Pepper consumption - this is hell on earth. I love Dr. Pepper. I've cooked with Dr. Pepper, heck I was once even paid for a wedding with Dr. Pepper. I'm now drinking just one can a day - and some days I just drink those cute half size cans. It sucks, but I can't argue with the results.

3) Increasing my metabolism - last time I did this by biking, and I'm sure I will do more of that when the weather gets nicer, but I had to find another easy solution.
Dance Dance Revolution!

I have an incredible sense of rhythm. I make my living as a musician. I've learned choreography for Stage Musicals. I took some dance classes at University.


It makes no sense. Yes, I have issues when the dance mat attached to the xbox starts twisting so that the button that is supposed to be due south suddenly relocates to the southwest, but I should be better at it than I am. It raises the metabolism and the sense of shame!

Two songs I've been dancing too - well I say dancing, it's more like angry stomping, are the following. I hope you enjoy them!

Random 2

I'm not much of a beer drinker - in fact I'm not a beer drinker at all. I will drink Hard Cider and even the occasional whisky, but in the main my drink choices tend toward the frivolous. I know I'm not alone in this however. In an episode of 'Scrubs', J.D. is mocked by Turk because he turns down a beer and he responds by saying -

"Even though I'm a man, I don't like beer. I prefer appletinis. They make me feel fancy. There, you hurt and embarrassed me - you happy?"

I like appletinis and I'm slowly discovering other drinks that I'm partial too - this is because when I turned forty I finally allowed myself to buy a cocktail shaker and a recipe book.

(Incidentally, one quick chorus of of 'Shout to the Lord' is about the right rhythm and length of time to shake a really good Cosmopolitan!)
But I digress, I wrote this random section because a miracle has happened!I've finally discovered a beer I like, though it is so unlike normal beer that I'm not sure it totally counts.

Lambic Beer. Well one type of Lambic Beer to be precise. Kriek (pronounced 'creek') it's a Belgian Beer that is made with sour cherries. It reminds me of the English drink Ribena though this one packs quite a potent alcoholic punch.

Random 3

Whilst meditating in the bathroom the other week I was flicking through a copy of P.C. Gamer Monthly and I discovered the following two incredible products.

How did I not know about these??? I LOVE bacon. I don't eat it very much because of Random no. 1, but I do miss it. Now with bacon salt imagine the possibilities. It might even replace Maldon Sea Salt as a must have pantry item. And Bacon Mayo? What sandwich joys could ensue? I could create the ultimate potato salad with it.

What other products could be improved with essence of bacon? Bacon Shower Gel would definitely make getting up in the morning a lot easier. Maybe Starbucks could create the ultimate Mocha Bacon Grande Latte.

I need to find a distributor quickly - or failing that a bacon buttie.


Bill Shirley said...

I had a long response, but blogger.sux deleted it all.

Summary: 1) Mmm, Dr Pepper, 2) Kriek = low alcohol, 3) bacon salt = vegetarian

Pete the Brit said...

Kreik may be low alcohol to you, but I drink so rarely I have an incredibly low alcohol tolerance level which a) Makes it potent for me and b) Makes me a cheap drunk LOL

Becca said...

Bacon salt made me snort.

Also, do you shake on the quarter or the eighth-notes of Shout to the Lord? That is very interesting to me. It's always helpful to have a handy little memory device like that!

I am a beer drinker, but I had to learn in grad school, just like I had to learn to like coffee there.

The visual of the angry stomping also made me snicker.