Monday, April 14, 2008

A Tale of Two Teeth

I've posted before about the current state of my teeth - and it's now reaching critical mass SIGH

I went to the Endodontist this morning for a root canal because things are really beginning to hurt. But I didn't get one :(

The problem is I have two teeth adjacent to one another in the back of my mouth both with temporary crowns on them. Even with banging, tapping, prodding, blowing cold air on them and x-raying the Endodontist could not work out which one needed the root canal.

I was left with 2 options -

a) We do one tooth and if it is the wrong one we then go back and do the second (at a cost of $1000 per tooth)

b) Wait until the pain gets worse and the we should be able to identify which tooth needs the work.

So I went for option b. I have some vicodin, but if I take it I won't be able to work out which tooth is the one that is in trouble.

Word for the day - OUCH!!!!!!!!!

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