Monday, February 11, 2008

Indiana Jones on a Pipe Organ - Incredible


Pablo said...

Ok - so now I have a question about this one! What does he do to suddenly change the sound(move the sliders at once)???

Pete the Brit said...

Hey Pablo your mum could answer that question :)

Most modern organs have preset stops. You assign all the different settings you need too them and that way to do a major sound change you only have to hit one stop rather than many. Some organs have them as foot buttons, some as hand, some as both.

Anonymous said...

All the little white buttons between the keyboards are Piston stops that can be programmed as needed to bring on or take off the organ stops. Some are General Stops and others work specifically for the Positif, Great, Swell, or Pedal keyboards. Generally, the Piston stops that are adjusted by the feet affect all of the keyboards at once. There is also a Piston that will activate all of the stops at once called the Tutti. You also notice that he uses his feet to adjust what are essentially levers. Two of the levers affect shutters that surround the Positif and Swell pipes and the other lever is called the Crescendo. The Crescendo gradually adds pre-determined pipes to the mix. It takes a lot of work and thinking to bring off this kind of performance - very well done - Bravo!