Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Reason why I love Sondheim

When most people talk about the genius of Sondheim, they start by talking about his lyric writing. Yes his lyrics are superb, but so are his melodies and harmonies. I think they are so well constructed that people often miss their elegance. Anthony Tommasini does a fantastic job of showing just three examples of brilliance in different Sondheim scores, things that if you are not a musician you may miss, and if you are not a composer you may not understand the complexity and genius.

This is why, unlike other musical soundtracks, I rarely tire of listening to Stephen.


Gregarius said...

That was really interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Judson said...

That was a really pleasant and worthwhile 6:21. The four-part harmony in the middle of Act 1 of Sweeney Todd has been one of favorite pieces of music (and storytelling) for a long time.

Pete the Brit said...

Glad you both liked it - I think the video does an excellent job of communicating just a couple examples of Sondheim's musical genius :)