Saturday, July 03, 2010

June Games Played

June was a very low month for games seeing as I was in rehearsals every week night for 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood', but I still managed 19 plays of a total of 6 different games - though I hasten to add that 13 of those plays were in one evening of helping someone babysit!

A simple stacking game that can get surprisingly competitive due to the fun randomness of the shapes :)

Another dexterity game, this time stealing eggs from a nest. Incidentally this pic on the left is 3 generations of my family all playing Gulo Gulo. That's my Mom, Brother and Nephew all engrossed in a game many years ago.

The other games this month were:
Pass the Bomb (a good party game)

So after 6 months, here are the top three:
First with 18 plays is Hive.
Second place with 16 plays is Werewolf
Third place with 10 plays is Animal Upon Animal

Last years winner Dominion is lagging behind in 4th place with 8 plays.
So far this year I have played 193 games!!!!! Will I beat last years record of 378 plays? It's looking possible

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