Sunday, February 14, 2010

January Board Games

O.k. so I'm slightly behind the Calendar this month as I should have posted this by now, but better late than never :)

I managed 37 plays of 27 different games in January.

It's a tie for the top spot!

Bucket King and Werewolf with 4 plays each.
I love playing (and facilitating) Werewolf with large groups. It's such a different game to play and it's wonderful to see people get tied into knots as they try and follow someone else's logic or go with their heart. It would be very interesting playing it with a group of people who are used to swaying others with their opinions and oratory!

Bucket King is a simple card game, but has some interesting depth to it as you try and protect your pyramid of buckets from being overturned while at the same time trying to destroy your opponents!

Close behind with three plays was last years winner Dominion

I fully expect this game to be around for quite a while, we're still playing the basic game most of the time and loving it. We do have an expansion on the shelf, and with other expansions available I see this remaining a fixture of game night for some time to come.

Other games that stood out for me this month include:

Wits and Wagers - It's a trivia game where you don't need to know the answers. I led a large version of this game on our Choir retreat with 6 teams of about 10 people. We had a blast and it was a close game. Fun times!

Taj Mahal - I picked up the german edition of this game, from a local thrift score. Somebody had been kind enough to print out the english rules, but everything else inside was still in shrink. It is a seemingly complex game, but once it clicks it is great fun. It had been a long time since I'd played this and I'm very glad it hit the table again.

Code 777 Deduction and logic at its most painful. Everyone has 3 cards infront of them that they cannot see that they are trying to deduce from the other players cards and answers to different questions. I seriously think my brain overheats when I try and play this game, but there is such a rush when you realize you actually worked it out!!!

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