Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

(Taken from

Each time McCain or Obama says one of the following words or phrases, shout it loudly and take a drink of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. To keep score, circle ahead of time the buzzwords and phrases you think the candidates will employ tonight, worth five points each time they are uttered by either candidate -- or moderator. And have fun! Here is the list:

Bill Ayers
Tony Rezko
Tony Romo (double shot)
Brooksley Born (double shot)
My Friend(s)
North Korea
Great Depression
Alan Greenspan
Paul Krugman (double shot)
Lehman Brothers
Golden Parachute
Middle Class (triple shot if McCain says it)

Bonus Question: How many times will McCain say "my friends"? (Can he possibly top last week's count of 22 times?)


Becca said...

Ha!! Ryan and I were just choosing tonight's drinking game words. Mine was "Main Street" and Ryan's was "Across the Aisle". Your list is much more sophisticated.

Glen said...

Wow, I would've watched the debate last night if I'd realized how much fun it could be!