Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Tale of Two Meals

I've been watching a lot of a British Cooking show called Two Fat Ladies recently. One show they made a very interesting dish with Salmon that I decided to duplicate as I want to try and eat more fish in my diet.
Here is the salmon fillet, resting on a bed of orange slices, poaching lightly in red wine with a covering of more orange slices. (Poach the salmon 3/4 covered, I just took the lid off for a better photo.) The recipe also called for a little nutmeg which seemed odd, but I decided to do what it said. The kitchen smelled very Christmassy!
Served with a nice salad! Yummo!

On Friday I stopped in a store called Ten Thousand Villages
It's a wonderful store full of fairly traded goods. I picked up a new cook book called 'The World of Street Food' One recipe that caught my eye was a Tunisian Tagine

I was familiar with the Moroccan Tagine which is a stew cooked in a specially shaped pot with a conical lid, but not the Tunisian Tagine which is very different and almost resembles a Fritata.

I first made a ragout from Onions, chicken, tomato paste, cannellini beans, breadcrumbs, cheese. Paprika and Cinnamon.

That was then put in a baking dish and had beaten eggs poured over it and placed in the oven for about 25 minutes.

Served with a green salad - very yummy (though I would maybe omit the cinnamon next time as it seemed to overpower the taste)


Deidra said...

You are so creative in your cooking. I love it.

maria said...

Are you kidding?? I lOVE 2 Fat ladies, and your link said they're now on DVD.

I used to watch them with a culinary friend, and Billy & I have had lots of good laughs over them.